Discoover the new ministry of HWY Church,


HWYhome Network!


We’re expanding around the nation. 

The Gospel is going further, reaching more people,
because you have invested your lives by
sowing your prayers, time, and finances
into the growth of the Church!


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A highway is a structure that enables us to go from where we are, 

to where we want to be. 

In life, Jesus IS that Highway.


To help people cultivate a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and

live the abundant life He came to give them.

Service Times



(currenlty online only)

We invite to worship with us via our 

Live Online Platform.


Participate with your own "notes" page, Bible, and interact with others via chat.

Respond to prayer, submit private prayer requests, and give without ever leaving the platform.


(Automatic translation of chat into over 60 languages.)


We see a vibrant growing church where people are experiencing God and

moving forward in His destiny for their lives.


Our Get-Togethers during the week are a great way to grow in the grace and knowledge of God. 

Each week a new video Bible-study episode is released online.


Each episode is part of a series on a specific topic.  Each episode is about 25 minutes and is a great tool for personal growth or for a small-group Bible study.


Why not invite a few friends to get together and learn about the life-changing power of God's love for you and the abundant life He came to give you?


His Words are life to those who find them and health to all their whole body!

Read with us - 1 chapter a day in the New Testament, Monday through Friday each week.