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God, the Father, revealed Himself to Moses as the I am that I am, not the I do that I do. I am is the first-person conjugation of the verb to be. I am, you are, they are, we are.


Christianity is about being, not doing. It’s about Who Christ Is and Who We Are In Him. After all, we were created in the image of God, and that makes us human beings, not human doings.


The Church, too, is about being, not doing, since it is comprised of human-being-people. We are people from all walks of life, different levels of understanding, different levels of commitment, and different levels of spiritual maturity. We are people with different levels of the knowledge of the Scriptures and of the knowledge of the New Testament Realities that Christ has provided for us.


The Church has never been, and never will be, a mere physical building. We, the Church, will always be people who have been reborn by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Church is human beings who are now new creations in Christ Jesus.


We can sometimes make the mistake of thinking that the place we may go to on a Sunday morning is “The Church” or that the methods our local church uses are the way that everybody SHOULD “do church”. This type of thinking has fostered division and separation among the members of the Body of Christ over the generations. This type of thinking is doing-focused rather than being-focused. It emphasizes methods over principles.


Whereas methods may change with changing eras and cultures, principles are timeless. Historically, the Church has not well-discerned the difference between principles and methods. Consider the following example concerning Church Membership:


Principle: A person becomes a member of the Church when they confess Jesus as Lord and believe in their heart that God raised Him from the dead. (Rom 10:9-10)


Method: A local body of believers creates a  membership class with their membership criteria. A person is not considered a member of "the Church” unless they fulfill the criteria of this local body.


The New Testament is overflowing with the eternal principles of Who Jesus Is, What He’s Done For Us, and Who We Are In Him, however, it does not prescribe a specific method of “doing church”.


You will not find any of the contemporary, popular ministry methods such as, nursery ministry, children’s ministry, youth ministry, young adults, married couples, worship team, media team, in the New Testament. The ministries listed here are methods of “doing church”, not principles of being the Church. While methods can be effective for certain people at a certain time in a specific culture, these are only some familiar methods for “doing church”.


One of the problematic results of sticking to a familiar method is that our sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit can be hindered. There are times when the Holy Spirit would lead us to do things differently from what may have been done before and in a different way than what may have been done before. Be sure the Holy Spirit will never violate, nor vary from, the principles of God’s Word, but He would certainly lead us into new methods of doing things.

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