The foundational principles of HWY Church are well known to those who have experienced this ministry. Who Jesus Is, What He’s Done For Us, and Who We Are In Him is what this ministry endeavors to promote, preach, teach, sing, publish, and broadcast in everything we do.


Since HWY Church began in 2014, we’ve taught that corporate gatherings, and gathering in homes, are both important, and we still believe that today. We have always facilitated both settings, by having our regular corporate gatherings and special meetings and by having small groups, called “Get-Togethers”, which met in homes.


Currently, we are transitioning into a new season. It is a season of expansion. HWY Church is broadening our scope beyond the borders of New England to the borders of our nation and even to the world. In order to help facilitate this expansion, we believe the Lord has led us to develop a ministry, a method, we are calling HWYhome Network.


HWYhome Network is a ministry method of HWY Church. It is simply a network of locations (some homes, other businesses, and even public spaces) where people gather to participate with our online worship services each Sunday. Following the 1-hour service, they encourage one another in the Word, pray for one another, and fellowship together. It is a community that is built upon and is sharing Who Jesus Is, What He’s Done For Us, and Who We Are In Him.


We believe that this ministry method is an opportunity for all of us to step up and step into a new level of spiritual maturity and service. This network is accessible to anyone in our nation, and our world, with an internet connection. This ministry gives greater access to people than ever before to the Too-Good-To-Not-Be-True Gospel that we preach.


The method is simple. HWY Church is helping people to experience Christ where they live, whether by one person in their apartment, or by a few friends gathering together to join them. Friends and families can meet together, grow in the knowledge of Who Jesus Is, What He’s Done For Us, and Who We Are In Him, encourage one another, pray for one another, and fellowship together each week.


As this ministry method is developing, some may continue to meet in their apartments and homes while other groups may grow and decide to move to a public place like a café, community center, or local business. We believe leaders will emerge over time, the HWY family will grow, the Body of Christ will grow, and the Kingdom of God will expand in every direction.

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